The truth is, life with a new baby can be tough.

But the right resources and support? They can absolutely make you more confident - and make life with that new baby even better!

Inside of this bundle you'll have access to Beyond the Birth and The Breastfeeding Blueprint. This means you'll have courses and resources for all of your 4th trimester questions about your body, your new baby, the transition to home, and breastfeeding. The bundle is like bringing your postpartum RN and the lactation consultant home with you - a one stop shop for any question or challenge that comes up!

Including questions about:

  • your uterus, your bladder, your bleeding
  • hair loss, hormones, night sweats
  • transition to home
  • sibling and partner tips
  • newborn sleep
  • newborn feeding
  • newborn routines
  • baby hygiene and care
  • infant illness
  • leaving the house
  • early breastfeeding
  • pumping
  • breastfeeding challenges
  • milk supply
  • pumping
  • return to work
  • and so much more...

´╗┐What if you could have access to a resource that could answer all of those questions? What if you could have evidence, motherhood experience, and nurse experience about the ins and outs of ALL of these parts of life at home?

That's what this bundle is for. The different courses and resources inside will meet you in every single one of those questions. You're going to be able to confidently craft and participate in a story you (and baby) love, because you'll have the information you need to prep, prepare, participate and pivot.

Informed. Empowered. Confident.

Go write your story.